Scripting resources

Learning a scripting language is an intimidating task. It also takes time, because practice is the only way to master a skill propertly and you will need to do and re-do your code to learn (new techniques and from your mistakes).

By the end of this article, you will have:

This is not a complete guide, but it will serve you as a start point to more resources.

Online tutorials

Nothing beats like a detailed explanation from someone more experienced, specially if is with examples.

Reference guide

Sometimes you want to learn how to perform a specific task without distractions. Also what is better than the official way of solving things?

As they say RTFM (Read The Fine Manual):

Also if you are on linux you must learn to use the following two commands:

# 'The GNU Bash Reference Manual', for 'Bash'
info bash


# bash - GNU Bourne-Again SHell
man bash

Check your Bash code

You want to learn how to write efficient code, avoid common mistakes and also make sure your scripts are secure!. Fear not, there are plenty of resources out there to learn basic and advanced skills:

Code repositories

The following repositories contain Bash scripts, written in a way that you can learn specific topics by checking the code. All the code is Open Source and you can copy and paste the examples to learn.

Keep in mind than code in repositories like GitHib may contain bugs. Also be very careful not to download and run code as the super user or you may find yourself in a pickle.

Online code execution

What if you want to try something, but you don’t have access to Linux/ Unix? This is less than ideal but can also try a few online resources that have a very nice front end where you can run your scripts.

Wrap up

We covered several online resources that will help you to become a better Bash programmer. For that keep in mind: